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CIBO launches Impact Platform

November 20, 2022

CIBO, the science-based software company that provides the food, fuel, feed, fiber and extended agriculture value chain with solutions for powering grower-facing programs, has announced the availability of CIBO Impact, claimed to be the industry’s first fully integrated software platform for agricultural sustainability. CIBO Impact helps enterprises develop and deliver regenerative programs at scale, including registry-verified carbon credit generation, Scope-3 emissions accounting and reduction, low-carbon intensity feedstocks, and USDA Climate Smart projects.

“CIBO Impact is the first comprehensive solution for managing large-scale regenerative agriculture programs,” commented CIBO CEO Daniel Ryan. “From grower identification, pre-qualification, and enrollment, to practice verification and monitoring, to quantification and reporting on carbon, CIBO gives our partners the ability to deliver results at scale.”

CIBO Impact supports multiple partner needs and their sustainability initiatives, for example:

Program Sponsors: Enterprises that provide incentives to drive practice changes to reduce emissions in their supply shed or generate carbon credits.

Platform Partners: Enterprises that use the platform to deploy and manage their own regenerative ag initiatives to growers in their ecosystem.

Grower Network: Grower-facing entities that syndicate Sponsor programs to their growers.

For the first time, the CIBO Impact platform brings together a scalable programs management engine supported by advanced carbon modeling, practice verification and reporting capabilities. These are delivered to end users through a modern and easy-to-use UI or delivered to applications via API. Features include:

Fields: Immediate field-level insights, including carbon footprint, carbon intensity, historical and in-season practice verifications, yield, what-if scenarios, and program eligibility determinations.

Programs: Implement and manage incentive programs with a rule set for qualification, an online enrollment workflow and ongoing program execution and reporting.

Supply Sheds: Analyze entire supply sheds, including total emissions, carbon intensity (emission factors), practice history, comparisons and what-if scenarios, to support GHG inventories and claims.

CIBO Impact is powered by three underlying technologies. These include an ensemble of advanced crop, carbon, and ecosystems models that quantify the impact of agriculture, in-real-time and across scales, an AI-driven computer vision that uses satellite imagery provides historical and in-season management practices of farm fields at scale, and robust cloud-based infrastructure that allows users to easily deploy programs through large grower networks to understand carbon emissions and the impact of practices without requiring grower data or time-consuming questionnaires.

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