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Tony Salas

Founder and CEO
Shared X

Co-founder and CEO of Shared-X. Prior to Shared-X, he was the founder of the agribusiness consulting company, ACM, and has been active in the area of startups, mergers, and acquisitions, with experience in over 500 medium and large size projects and companies in the global food and agribusiness sector (ca. 30 countries). A former Director General of the National Ag-R&D Institute of Peru (ranked as Vice-Minister of Agriculture), he is considered a very influential person in modern Latin American sustainable agricultural trends. Tony has been teacher and graduate student advisor in several universities with regards to Agribusiness and AgroSciences. Over the past years, Tony has been actively engaged in the Ag Tech community, attending panels and speaking at some of the largest annual events. Dr. Salas is a Biologist and holds an MS and a PhD in Crop Science, both degrees from North Carolina State University and an MBA from the the Krannet School at Purdue University in Food and Agribusiness Management.

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