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Certhon and Living Greens Farm announce partnership

June 22, 2023

Certhon and Living Greens Farm have announced a strategic partnership to further develop and globally expand Living Greens Farm’s aeroponic growing technology. The effective growing technology of aeroponics has been developed to perfection by USA lettuce grower, Living Greens Farm. With this approach, it is the only CEA grower harvesting adult-sized, robust leafy greens that can be converted into ready-to-eat salad kits in the most sustainable way. Certhon will bring this technology and its growing concept to market outside North America. And with its Research & Development team and Innovation Centre, Certhon will further develop the technology for effective global implementation.

Living Greens Farm is the largest vertical, indoor aeroponic farm in the USA. Its vertical farming technology delivers a product proposition for extremely long shelf-life of full-size head lettuce varieties and ready to eat bagged salads and salad kits. “We have a large regional network of retail customers within the USA and are raising funds to build a large-scale commercial facility and processing centre in Muncie, Indiana”, said George Pastrana, President & CEO. “Our unique product offerings have been a success with retailers and their shoppers, alike, but when it comes to further development or selling the technology full solution outside of North America, we are excited to cooperate with a partner such as Certhon”.

Certhon is a leading technical horticultural company and has a worldwide network of growers, investors, and researchers who have an interest in this innovative growing technique. Certhon will bring its technological expertise and global network to this partnership, to further develop and help market the aeroponics technology outside North America. The concept is fully controlled and automated, a perfect addition to other recently launched automated growing concepts of Certhon’s solution portfolio.

Living Greens Farm and Certhon have the same mission – to feed the world’s growing population. This core alignment will create a highly effective collaboration as each company complements the partnership with their own areas of expertise.  Certhon is an expert in innovations to improve food systems, and Living Greens Farm is innovating in both aeroponics technology as well as their full-size lettuces and ready-to-eat salad kits. “Above all, this technology makes it possible to use less land and water, while reducing the carbon footprint and eliminating the need for harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides”, Pastrana pointed out.

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