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The Future of Protein Production Summit

The world's online meeting place for developing sustainable agricultural technologies
Expert Speakers
Hours of Content

The must-attend event for successfully commercialising sustainable agriculture

The online conference presents an unbiased opportunity to explore and discuss this complex issue with world-leading experts. Discover a wide range of solutions that will help improve health and nutrition, promote environmental sustainability and deliver economic growth.

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About the Summit

The Future of Food Production Summit is the must-attend virtual event for any company involved in improving the sustainability, efficiency and resilience of global food supply chains.

The senior executive-level conference presents an unbiased opportunity to explore and discuss this complex issue with world-leading experts. Discover a wide range of solutions that will have a positive impact on the planet and increase the efficiency and resilience of our food supply chains.

There are some key barriers to scaling up food technologies: vested interests, lack of demand and risk capital, infrastructure and inputs such as power, regulatory burdens, and basic science/R&D.

Although overcoming these barriers will require several actors to come together –including innovators, scientists and investors – governments hold significant responsibility for setting the ambition and driving the direction of change. Governments also have a role to play in providing funding, infrastructure and innovative regulation.

The conference enables industry leaders to stay up-to-date with the most recent solutions, technology, policy, and concepts across the food system. And get the best opportunities to meet key industry contributors.

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Summit mission

We want to give novel food technologies access to development and deployment. We are bringing together over 75 international speakers and over 750 delegates to debate and discuss the latest business models, strategies, innovations, future regulations, technologies, and solutions involved in the commercialisation of sustainable food production.

The conference aims to progress the following areas:
1. Providing proper health and nutrition.
2. Delivering economic opportunities and growth.
3. Promoting environmental sustainability.
4. Increasing food security.

The virtual platform allows us to collaborate with contributors around the globe and network safely, sustainably and efficiently.

robots managing lab grown vegetables in a lab farm with lights shining on them

Industry expert advisory board

Florian Forster
Florian Forster
AVP Investments
Energy Infrastructure Partners AG
Energy Infrastructure Partners AG
Hermione Dace
Hermione Dace
Senior Policy Analyst
Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
Tony Blair Institute for Global Change
John Purcell
John Purcell
CEO and President
Peter Lane
Peter Lane
Executive Chairman at Vertical Farming Network
Executive Chairman at Vertical Farming Network
Executive Chairman at Vertical Farming Network
Till Weidner
Till Weidner
Postdoctoral researcher at the Sustainable Process Systems Engineering Lab
ETH Zurich
ETH Zurich

Topics Discussed Include

  • Indoor Farming

  • Farming 4.0

  • Drone Farming

  • Transparency

  • Robotics

  • Decarbonisation

  • Sensors

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Container Farming

  • CEA

  • Investment

  • Packaging Technology

  • Regulation

  • Resource Efficiency

  • Crop Science

  • And More...

Conference Sessions

policy of sustainable food
Policy & Investment
Resilience & Food Security in food
Resilience & Food Security
Digitalisation & Efficiency icon black
Digitalisation & Efficiency
Decarbonisation & Sustainability of food production icon in black
Decarbonisation & Sustainability

Why attend the  summit?

Discover the latest
industry trends

✓  Hear over 100 expert presentations from companies already developing and adopting ground-breaking protein production technology

  Gain the latest research and trends to help develop sustainable production technologies

✓   Discover the next generation of highly sustainable processes, technologies, and production solutions

   Listen to leading policy makers on the next steps for the industry

microphone in green

Connect and network

  Expand your network by meeting with 750+ senior executives, entrepreneurs and investors from around the globe

✓   Create new opportunities leading to a stronger and more global network

✓   Meet with and attract the innovators driving the industry forward

Meet the companies behind the latest innovations helping to create and commercialise environmentally friendly proteins from a variety of sources

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Grow and promote your business

✓   Showcase your technology or services to help the industry move forward and accelerate the new agrarian revolution

  Expand your professional horizon by meeting with leading experts

  Equip yourself with ideas and knowledge that adds value to you, your team, and your organisation

✓  Establish yourself as a key part of the industry

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Attend a carbon neutral event

✓   Learn, network and build new relationships at an industry leading event without the concerns about the impact you are having on the environment. The virtual conference creates 99% less carbon emissions that a physical show of a similar size. We offset remaining emissions through certified offsetting programs.

Sectors in attendance include

  • Vertical Farmers

  • Indoor Farmers

  • Food Logistics

  • Government Bodies

  • Food Brands

  • Food Retail

  • NGOs

  • Consultants

  • Lighting Suppliers

  • Climate Control

  • Academia

  • Renewables

  • Food Producers

  • Investment

  • Process Automators

  • Packaging

  • And More...

Who attends?


Vertical farmers | Growers| Food manufacturing Industry| Suppliers| Agricultural Industry | Seed Breeders| Hardware & Software suppliers | Technology Suppliers| Consultants| Certification & Food Safety Institutions | System integrators | Project developers |Packaging |Food Logistics | Investors | Regulatory Institutions | Governmental Organizations | LED and lighting suppliers | Automation systems | Grow racks and structures| Anyone interested indoor agriculture


>  Understand the market and problems you are challenged with solving

>  Sharpen your proposition and identify what parts of the value chain are ripe for innovation

>   Build awareness by networking with investors and industry executives


>   Forge commercial partnerships and explore new ways of doing business

>   Discover how alternative proteins fits in with your innovation agenda

>   Find where to gain competitive edge and find opportunities for growth


>   Meet the entrepreneurs shaping the future of agriculture

>   Build partnerships with innovators and industry

>     Taking the right approach in an increasingly strategic and competitive landscape

Benefits of The Future of Food Production Summit

play video icon

24+ hours of content

Live presentations, panel discussion and on-demand content.

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All presentations and panels are live on the event days but will also be available for 30 days after the event.

hand shake icon white

10+ hours of networking

Dedicated sessions for networking and group discussion.

person with star icon

Expert speakers

Hear form industry-leading experts on the latest innovations

speech bubbles white icon

One-to-one meetings

Schedule one-to-one meetings with potential customers, partners or investors.

people icon

Networking and community

Meet with over 1,000 industry peers. Our event software ensures you can connect and schedule group or one-to-one meetings.

conference proeedings icon white

Conference proceedings

All presentations content will be available to download as PDFs following the event, pending speaker permission.

question mark white

Live Q&A

Ask the questions to get the conversation going. All the speakers and exhibitors will be available after their discussions.

What Our Past Attendees Said

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Are you ready?

The Future of Food Production Summit!

The world's leading sustainable agriculture technology conference
May, 14th - 16th, 2024 | Online
sustainable food conference with crowd seated looking at a speaker

The Future of Food Production Summit delivers the same high-quality insights and industry connections that would be on offer at an in-person event, but in a format that is accessible from the comfort of your home or office.We have created the virtual summit to satisfy the industry’s need to share cutting-edge research, learn from peers and engage in quality networking to forge valuable connections and partnerships. To effectively facilitate this need to learn and connect, our industry-leading virtual event platform will deliver a seamless event experience.

Acessing the Platform

Accessing the platform is simple, you’ll be provided with a unique link in the run up to the event that will take you directly to the online event space where you’ll follow a few simple steps to set up your delegate profile and get started.


Reception Area

This is the main hub for the event and the best way to see what's going on over the 3 days. Everyone will be welcomed here with a short introductory video to show them around.

Main Stage

Most presentations will be delivered in the ‘Main Stage’ area, much like the main conference room onsite.

Virtual exhibition

This area will enable engagement with exhibitors and the solutions  have on offer.

Networking Lounges

One of the best features of the platform is the ability to join focused networking lounges ranging in size from 2 to 20 participants.

Showcase Rooms

These will host some  panel discussions and other interactive sessions. They can also be used for extended Q&As or group video chats.

Individual profile

Set up personalized profiles to easily identify the name, job title & company of other attendees. The platforms AI will also be able to match you to people with similar interests.

Live Q&A with speakers

Ask your burning questions directly to our expert speakers in real-time, just as you would at a physical conference.

Schedule meetings

Participants will be able to propose and schedule meetings with all other delegates.

9+ hours of networking

Structured and informal networking breaks will allow you to connect in groups or 1-2-1 with other attendees and kick start critical discussions.



The Future of Food Production Summit utilises the world’s most advanced virtual events platform, to enable you to reach thousands of industry peers and effectively convey your message and boost your profile. Virtual events offer a range of benefits over traditional events, from larger, further reaching audiences to the flexibility to access content at a time that works with your schedule.

See some of the top benefits of being part of a virtual event below:
people icon

No Limit to the audience size

The virtual platform allows us to include a much larger audience than a traditional event and bring together over 750 delegates.

earth icon

More inclusive

Inclusive of people who wouldn’t have been able to travel to a physical event due to financial, travel or time constraints.

video icon

On-demand content

All the presentations and panel discussions will be recorded and available to play back or access on demand for 30 days.

network icon

Efficient networking

The state of the art virtual platform will allow for effective and time efficient networking. Participants will be able to see who else is at the event as well as propose and schedule one-to-one or group meetings, all within the platform.

cost icon

Cost efficient

The cost to attend the event is greatly reduced through lower ticket prices and zero travel or accommodation costs. However, the information and networking opportunities available are still the same, making virtual a far more cost efficient way to be involved.

handshake icon

Increased reach

The room will be full of contributors from around the globe, allowing discussion and collaboration between participants that may not meet at a physical event.

green emission icon

Reduced emissions

Digital events have a 99% smaller carbon footprint because they don’t require so many people to travel. 'A virtual exhibition will create less than 1% of the carbon emissions of a live event – a three-day conference with 800 attendees has a carbon footprint of 455 tonnes, corresponding to an average of 0.57 tonnes of emissions per participant.' (V-Ex, 2020 Report)

recycle icon

Reduced waste

The exhibition industry has historically be extremely wasteful. Through the use of digital booths, digital events create a fraction of the waste of an in-person event.

data icon

Comprehensive data

Exhibitors, speakers, supporters and delegates will all benefit from the vast amount of data that can be analysed during and post event in order to ensure the best return on investment is offered to all.


Companies attending include


bullet point
How will the content be shared?

Most presentations will be delivered in the 'Main Stage' area, much like the main conference room at a physical event. Here, you will be able to live stream each speaker's presentation in real-time with the opportunity to participate in audience Q&As, polls and more.
Additional sessions may take place in the 'Sessions' area, where smaller groups can get together and engage in pivotal discussions to overcome the industry's most pressing challenges. Connect with key opinion leaders from the cellular agricultural industry to discuss in-depth the cutting-edge advances in the field, convey lessons learned and network to establish valuable partnerships.

bullet point
How can I view and contact the exhibitors?

Attendees are able to meet exhibitors at their booth or move to a 1-1 or group video call in the networking lounge.

bullet point
Is The Future of Food Production for beginners or experts?

Everyone is welcome at the conference. We include participants from a wide range of industries and technical backgrounds so there will be plenty available for everyone.

bullet point
When will I receive my login details?

All attendees will receive access to the platform the week before the event. For more information, please email

bullet point
Can I access the sessions on-demand?

If you are not able to join the live session, once the presentation has aired you can access a recording of the presentation on our platform for 30 days after the show.

bullet point
Are there discounts available for students?

We are able to offer reduced rates for academia, non-profits and NGOs. Full details can be found on our tickets page here.

bullet point
How can I network?

We will have nine+ hours of networking built into the agenda throughout the three days. Networking time is built into the digital conference agenda to encourage open discussion and collaborations. This consists of various structured and informal sessions such as:
- The chatroom feature allows you to participate in public conversations with the rest of the event's participants in real time so you can connect with peers, ask questions and share learnings. You can also set up private conversations and can connect with individual attendees who may be of interest to you.
- Set up one-to-one or group video calls to network privately with key people of interest. You can share screens and even add individuals to your contacts list so you can set up future one-to-one meetings after the event.
- Our networking lounges session will connect you with other attendees to facilitate crucial connections. These lounges can be topic focused, open discussion areas or some are hosted by exhibitors and sponsors.
- Attendees will also be able to join breakout rooms where they can interact over text or video.
- We use industry leading event software to deliver an immersive experience with all the value of an in-person event. Our technology provider uses AI to match you with the most relevant attendees as well as give you the ability to schedule meetings with other delegates.

bullet point
What is the difference between chat and Q&A

The chat is a place where speakers and delegates can have discussions. The Q&A is only directed towards the speaker.

bullet point
Are the presentations recorded or live?

The vast majority of our presentations are streamed live, and the speakers will answer questions over video at the end of the presentation. As it is a global conference, in the rare circumstance that a speaker cannot present live we will show a pre-recorded presentation. The speaker will be available for questions afterwards.

bullet point
Do I need to download any software?

No, there is no software to download and all content and functions can be accessed through the web portal.

bullet point
What is the refund policy?

We offer a 14 day “no questions asked” refund on all passes.

bullet point
What if I have technical issues?

If you have any issues accessing or using the platform during the day, please email There will also be a virtual help desk to make your experience as smooth as possible!

bullet point
Do you have any more questions?

If so, please contact us on

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