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Alexander Jaworski

Business Development Manager

As a business engineer, I became enthusiastic about renewable energies and sustainable business models at an early stage. Through my work at Deutsche Kreditbank, I was also able to build up practical experience in this area. Under the main topic of financing environmental technology with a primary focus on renewable energies and energy storage technologies, I was able to gain practical experience in the areas of business analyses/evaluations and financing strategies. In November 2019, I joined the Greenhub working group at Leipzig University. Especially the urban approach of food production and the possible integration into a sustainable water-food-energy nexus sparked my interest in the project. Over the past three years, I gained a detailed understanding of the market for vertical indoor farming and made contacts with industry experts. As co-founder of Greenhub, I am now working on adapting food production to the current challenges of our food industry. Our goal is to enable automated indoor food production in any part of the world, regardless of location and climatic conditions.

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