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Greg Jaeger Chong

Cyber Farms

Greg Man-Sing Jaeger Chong is a third generation farmer born in southern Mexico and raised on a coffee plantation. His affinity to technology has been clear since the early years, building his first robot at 18. He studied Mechanical engineering, while programming a muscle wire robot. Worked for Oil & Gas for 5 years overviewing technical requirements for energy plants worldwide. In 2010, he earned the global engineering award to study a Msc. Mechatronics and a MBA in Hamburg, while building his 3d printer at home. He then moved to Munich to learn and develop data analytics and business intelligence know-how, specialized in mobility. He also was President of the mexican-bavarian association and founded a cluster of highly qualified professionals with the mexican consulate for the Bavarian region. After creating and implementing A.I. Strategies he moved back to Hamburg where he leads the mechatronics team for a vertical farm company. For the past 5 years he has built his own semi-automatic Aquaponic system to grow mexican chilli and leafy greens. Currently leading a one-of-a-kind sustainable and resilient high-tech food hub for the city of Hamburg. He wants to be the next generation farmer in his family, a Cyberfarmer!

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