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Joe Swartz


Vice President - American Hydroponics of Arcata, CA.-Experienced CEA/Hydroponic Grower and Master Farmer. Widely recognized as one of the leading consultants to all Controlled Environment Agricultural industries with a long and proven track record of success - from greenhouse hydroponic farms to indoor production. A well-know problem solver and trainer to commercial growers around the world. Leverages high level relationships with leading ancillary technology providers such environmental control systems, IoT and blockchain technologies, alternative energies, produce packaging, and horticultural growing supplies to provide growers with "real world" solutions that provide maximum horticultural quality and economic return. 36 years as a successful commercial hydroponic vegetable and herb grower. (Over 55,000 hours of greenhouse production time). Experienced in all levels of crop production, system design, set up, crop scheduling, workforce training, and specialty produce marketing. Provided successful consulting or growing systems to commercial farms in 66 countries around the world. (over 200 commercial farms in the USA alone)

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