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Magdalena Szawarska

Co-Founder & CEO

In 2020 I co-founded Nangatech, which is one of the first biotech company devoted to creating a better future for food production, through implementing nanobubble technology. Its mission is to deliver solutions that unfold true plants’ potential – improve and fasten crop yields, strengthen plants’ resilience and reduce the amount of fertilizers. All in 100% ecological way. I embarked on the mission to improve global food systems and become an entrepreneur, after 10 years specializing in consumer behaviors, economic psychology and work organization. To my work as an entrepreneur and team leader, I bring my organization skills and my experience in HR management, and also my academic background as an academic scientist. At Nangatech we seek to be analytical and consequent, we conduct R&D with scientific precision, we always look for better answers, and we never settle. We take great pride in creating a breakthrough technology for better future of food system and the planet.

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