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Farms to Incubators


From Farms to Incubators is on a mission to connect, elevate and inspire women in agrifoodtech.

Our Work

●      Storytelling: Celebrating women leaders and entrepreneurs in agtech one story at a time. Building upon our award-winning documentary and book we will continue showcasing women innovators in food, farming and agrifoodtech with a focus on women of color.

●      Education: Training, mentorship, and workshops. In we will launch our pilot mentorship program with educational institutions.

●      Community: Building one of the most comprehensive directories of women in agrifood.  


We are connecting, elevating, and inspiring women in agrifoodtech through our various storytelling efforts that amplify the voices and contributions of leaders and entrepreneurs in the industry. Our growing community provides education, training and mentorship for women working in agrifoodtech. We are inspiring the next generation of agrifoodtech leaders to consider careers in this sector, especially those interested in environmental and social justice.

The Challenge

There is a clear lack of representation and funding especially for women of color in the agrifoodtech space. This space contains some of the fastest growing sectors globally, providing job opportunities which require new sets of skills and knowledge extending beyond traditional agriculture. Farms to Incubators is building bridges that connect youth, women, and those from underserved communities to these opportunities.

Get Involved

●      Donate: Make a contribution to elevate and empower women in agrifoodtech

●      Connect: Add your name to our AgTech Directory and share with others

●      Join us: Sign up and become a mentor and speak at upcoming events

Your Contribution Fuels Our Efforts

Learn more about Our Story and connect with our Founder, Amy Wu

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