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FarmTech Society

FarmTech Society unitesthe Controlled Environment Agriculture Industry


The Farm Tech Society (FTS) is aninternational non-profit industry association that unites and supports theControlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry, seeking to strengthen thesector through the development and implementation of resilient and future proofmethods and technologies for indoor growing.


FTS addresses the need to increasethe production for nutritious and healthy food products without damaging theplanet, restore the soils and allow new career options and living wages foragriculture professionals.


The association wasfounded in November 2018 at the urging of multiple stakeholders to create aninternational umbrella organisation focused on the CEA industry and itspractices. As this innovation-driven sector has turned into a global phenomenonin many forms and shapes, there is a growing need for a platform that is aimedto create a level playing field for CEA in the agriculture landscape.


FarmTech Society isdevoted to shaping sustainable, resilient, competitive and inclusive foodproduction systems, globally, by scaling up the CEA industry to fully unlockits multiple benefits. CEA is the future of food production systems in the riseof resource depletion, economic shocks, environmental crises and climatevolatility.

Uniting the CEA industryat a pre-competitive level is the way forward! Building a common framework forthe industry is key to its scaling up, offering enhanced economic opportunitiesand solutions to global challenges.

The driving motivationfor FTS is to expand and take up active roles globally in the shaping ofstandards, policy positions and narratives, and workforce development actionson behalf of the industry - ultimately creating attractive careers inagriculture!

The FarmTech Society is enlisted in the EU Transparency Register with#469686733585-87

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