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Bluelab announces new partnership with Malaysia's De Lettuce B.E.A.R

June 20, 2023

Bluelab has announced its latest partnership with De Lettuce B.E.A.R., the indoor vertical lettuce farming and hydroponics specialist based in Malaysia.

Recently opened, De Lettuce B.E.A.R. is Malaysia's first producer of its kind. The opening ceremony represented a significant milestone in Malaysia's agricultural industry. It was attended by delegates from the Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia, Ministry of Agriculture Indonesia, Ministry of Agriculture Vietnam, Lasetsart University, Thailand, and Nong Lam University, Vietnam.

The indoor farm uses a standardized vertical farming rack fitted with specialized light recipes. The NFT-DWC hybrid irrigation modes are designed for this growing method, enabling De Lettuce B.E.A.R. to grow nutrient-dense lettuce varieties sustainably.

All eight growing zones have independent requirements for fertigation, lighting, and climate and are fully controlled by the Autogrow MultiGrow.

Regarding the partnership, Bluelab Regional Business Manager, Hwang Shuang Chuan, commented, "This project is exciting to Bluelab. There is a lot of potential in Malaysia for enhanced food production with vertical farming, and we are thrilled to provide the technology that will help to support De Lettuce B.E.A.R with their advanced vertical hydroponic system.”

"Autogrow's advanced control systems allows De Lettuce Bear to optimize the retention of essential nutrients in their vegetables sustainably," added De Lettuce B.E.A.R.'s Group Chairman, Jack Wee.

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