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Korean Institute develops unmanned smart farm robot

March 15, 2023

A South Korean research team has developed an unmanned smart farm robot thatcan harvest and transport fruits without the need for human help.

The Korea Institute of Machineryand Materials said last week that its researchers had developed a special robotthat can harvest garden crops such as fruits and vegetables cultivated in anindoor environment and transport them to a specific location on its own.

The research team went beyondharvesting by connecting a harvesting robot with a transporting robot.

Operation is available with anunlimited number of robots.

In other words, multiple harvestingrobots can harvest crops simultaneously on the farm, while multipletransporting robots can bring the harvested crops to a storage or processingarea at the same time.

In particular, the harvesting robotis equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to recognize thelocation and posture of the crops, and is thus able to recognize cropinformation in a fast and accurate manner.

The transporting robot features ahigh-precision self-driving mode. If the harvesting robot collects a certainamount of crops, a transporting robot approaches and takes delivery of thecrops.

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